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Welcome to the first certified Bikram Hot Yoga Studio in Guelph, Ontario.

Bikram’s Beginning Hatha Yoga classes are a series of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises taught in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. By heating the room, students are able to work in a safe environment that will relieve one’s body resistance without risking injury while cleansing one’s body of all toxins.

Within the 90 minutes, all students will work on every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ and gland while circulating 100% fresh oxygen through their blood and bodies. This will help students increase their concentration, patience, determination and self-control while decreasing stress. It leads one to a healthier body and mind. Students can expect that each class will help their bodies to promote weight loss and limit the effects of aging while assisting in preventing illness and injuries.

Bikram’s Hot Yoga is for everyone. To quote Bikram’s teacher, Bishnu Ghosh, it’s never too late, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick, to start again from scratch. Come to class, and with the guidance of your teacher, simply approach every posture to the best of your ability and you will receive 100% benefit.

If you feel nervous, scared or a little intimidated, no problem. Many people feel that way initially. Just don’t let it stop you from coming to class. Bikram designed this class for beginners, so know that with a little practice and experience, you’ll quickly feel right at home.

You will feel challenged by the yoga during class – everyone does! Always work to your edge, but listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Never be afraid to sit down if you need to. It’s normal, especially when you first get started, to feel dizzy, nauseated or lightheaded. It’s temporary, and as your body acclimates and detoxes, these sensations will disappear.

During class, nobody will look at you or judge you. The teacher will guide you and instruct you, always with compassion and respect. There’s no need or reason to be self conscious. It’s also helpful to realize everyone’s focus is on themselves – they are working too hard to even notice you!


Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Choudhury or “yoga raj” (meaning King of the Yogi) began his study of yoga in his native country of India at the age of four, where he would later meet his guru Bishnu Ghosh. Ghosh was the brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the greatest spiritual figures of modern India and the author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Bikram would practice four to six hours daily whilst having the opportunity to listen to Ghosh’s wisdom. These traditions would later be incorporated into his beginning yoga series.

At the age of 17 years old, Bikram would be faced with the idea of never being able to walk again after he experienced a knee injury during a weight lifting accident. Determined that this would not be his fate, Bikram asked to be carried to Ghosh School where he would spend the next 6 months in recovery and completely healing his knee.

As Bikram became older he would work on research projects proving yoga regenerates tissues and cures chronic ailments, while learning how to combine Eastern discipline and Western medicine to create his yoga series. This new yoga would not only accommodate students of any age, but would work for all fitness levels and would help provide 100% exercise to the human body.

In 1973, Bikram made the journey to Los Angeles, United States, where he has continued to practice and teach. He has healed thousands and touched millions worldwide.



Please read the following testimonials about people who have recovered from various illnesses by regularly practicing Bikram Hot Yoga. Their stories tell us that only Bikram Yoga brings us new hopes in our life.


High Blood Pressure/ Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Peace of the Mind
Well being
Regain of self confidence
Stress Relief



Heart Disease
Heart Disease
Small Arteries & Poor Circulation



Anorexia Bulimia
Eating Disorder









Auto immunity
Auto immune Hepatitis
Dengue Fever
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C
Lyme Disease



Skin Conditions
Psoriatic Arthritis



Chronic Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Injury & Pain
Traumatic Accident Recovery
Healing Old Injuries



Anxiety Attacks
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Depression – Menopause
Emotional Healing
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Weight Loss
Sporadic ataxia



Kidney Cancer
Kidney Condition



Breast Lump
Cervical Cancer
Mentrual Cramps
Menstrual Cycle
Pregnancy Yoga



Sinus Infections



Ankylosing Spondylitis/Back Pain
Arthritis & Hip Pain
Back Pain
Lower Back Pain
Neck & Back Pains
Bulging Disc
Chronic Neck Pains
Herniated Discs
Hip Replacement & Follow-Up
Knee Surgery Recovery
Knee & Foot Alignment/Scoliosis
Leg Pain
Neck Injury
Osteoarthristis Hips
Osteoarthristic Hips and Low Back
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Scheuermans Disease
Spinal Injury
Burst Fracture (Spinal Injury)

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